Weather report in the Dolomites and in South Tyrol, friday 01 2023 , at 11:00

Weather Dolomites

Weather South Tyrol






Dull, moderate rain
Dull, moderate snowfall
Very cloudy
Very cloudy
5 °C
5 °C
-4 - 5 °C
-3 - 4 °C
0 - 5 °C
1 °C
1 °C
-14 - -4 °C
-12 - -4 °C
-7 - -2 °C
90 %
80 %
70 %

Mountain weather in the Dolomites

2500 m
strong southwesterly
Dull, sleet
Dull, moderate snowfall
-7 °C
-1 °C
1 °C
5 °C
-17 °C
-11 °C
-5 °C
2 °C

General weather conditions

The Alpine region will lie under a marked air mass boundary between cold, polar air in the north and mild Mediterranean air in the south. In addition, an Italian low will move in during the course of the day.
Rainy weather

South Tyrol Today

Rainy weather
Clouds will predominate and precipitation will spread during the day, becoming heavier in the evening and during the night. The snow line will lie between 1500 m in the north and over 2000 m in the south, dropping to 500-1000 m in the evening and at night with the arrival of colder air and the higher intensity of precipitation.
Top temperatures between 2° and 6°.
Decreasing precipitation

South Tyrol Tomorrow

Decreasing precipitation
Saturday will begin cloudy with widespread precipitation. Snow line between 500-1000 m. As the day progresses, north foehn will dry out the air in the valleys, while snowfall will continue at higher altitudes into the afternoon.
Maximum temperatures from 2° to 8°.
Very sunny Sunday
On Sunday, the sun will shine from a cloudless sky throughout the country. The north wind will weaken. The clouds will increase again on Monday and it will remain cold. Tuesday will be variable cloudy with some sunny spells. Some light snow showers especially on the mountains. Wednesday mostly cloudy weather and a few sunny spells.
Source: © Weather Service Province Bolzano - South Tyrol